Direct-to-Garment / Digital Printing

Direct-to-Garment printing is a process of printing on fabric using a specialty printer.
The printer utilizes a high quality, eco-friendly, water-based ink.
The machine lays ink directly onto the fabric.
Once cured by heat, the print dyes the fibers of the fabric.

Low minimums. Great for small runs.
Can print one color as quickly and easily as hundreds.
Very detailed prints. Great for photographs and gradients. 
Prints are soft to the touch. 

Heat Transfer Vinyl

Heat transfer vinyl is a special plastic material that is adhered to fabric with the use of heat.
In order to create your print, the graphic must first be cut into the shape of the graphic.

Low minimums. Great for small runs.
Great for 1 color prints.
Fun options available like metallics, glitter,
glow-in-the-dark, flock, neon, and many more!
Bold, but thin prints.

Screen Printing

Typically a plastisol (plastic) based print that is pushed through a mesh screen onto apparel.
The print sits on top of the shirt rather than dying the fabric.

Very cost effective for large runs.
Pantone color matching available.
Bold and thick.
Highly durable. 



A method of decorating apparel using thread.
A digital file must first be created of the graphic.
Once created, the graphic is stitched onto the fabric rather than printed.

Professional appearance.
Many available colors.
Can be applied to a wide variety of materials.
Highly durable / long lasting.