Spice up your event with on-site printing!

We will come to your
 location and print graphics either provided by you
or created by us onto merchandise such as tote bags or T-shirts.

We bring and operate a commercial direct-to-garment 
that can easily print one color to full color prints.

We'll quickly create take home products while you wait!

What makes us different?

We print with very high quality, eco-friendly inks that are water based.
Our prints are soft to the touch.
We can print multiple graphics and multiple colors. We have no limits!
Our prints are highly detailed.
It is just as easy for us to print block letters as it is to print photographs.

What type of events have we attended? 

Corporate team building.
Launch of a new product.
Launch of a new store.
Retail in-store special events.
Festivals (Pride, Sunday Streets).
Wine, beer, and spirits tasting events.
Company anniversary parties.
Holiday parties.


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Live events are a great way to create a memorable experience around your brand.
Having a unique giveaway has been proven to be one of the most effective ways to keep the memory alive!