Client: Forever Changed

Forever Changed International (FCI) is an organization dedicated to rescuing orphans. They have adopted a holistic approach to orphan care that turns orphanages into homes. Children receive care in a loving, nurturing environment, through which trained professionals in the fields of pediatrics, education, social work, and child care provide children with the emotional, educational, physical, and spiritual care they deserve.

Dorie’s Promise Guatemala is the first of the homes being run by Forever Changed International.


Industry: Nonprofit

The Challenge

DLW was approached by FCI to create a line of retail quality T-shirts with an asthetic that would cater to teens and young adults. The shirts would need to be comfortable yet fashion forward. The objective was to promote awareness of the organization.

The Solution

We first suggested a T-shirt brand we knew to have the look, quality, and fit that FCI sought after. Once confirming that the brand was a good fit, the shirt styles and colors were narrowed down. After, we focused on the design conceptualization.

A majority of the designs needed to be unisex. Therefore, we created classic designs with simple elements that both men and women could wear. We gave the designs a distressed, athletic appeal because the worn, vintage look is a great and easy-to-wear trend amongst both Millenials and Gen Z. We kept all shirts but the logo tees to one or two colors. This not only kept the cost down, but allowed the prints to be bold and eye catching.